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A windy proposal February 18, 2010

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Good news…wind turbine manufacturing is set to return to England, according to a Guardian article today. Clipper Windpower will set up a testing facility in Newcastle and, if the blades work, a manufacturing facility will be built on the same site.

So, why should we be bothered? Well, if the plans go ahead, it’s thought that up to 500 manufacturing jobs will be created by 2020 – providing a much-needed boost, as unemployment in the north-east takes another beating. Not only that, the new site may help supply turbines for the Crown Estate, a project of offshore wind farms in the UK.

And I think it’s about time. As far back as I can remember, the debate about how we’ll produce energy when the unrenewables run out has rumbled on. But not much seems to have been done about it. I suppose the government do have more pressing issues to worry about – but its the public who should be getting behind these projects. Okay, so it might not be of great concern in my life-time but what about those in future generations? We should be making plans now to boost renewable sources of energy before the ‘lights go out’.

We should be backing these environmental campaigns whole-heartedly, not objecting to wind turbines being installed in our lovely countryside. We – us human beings accustomed to luxurious lifestyles – demand energy so it’s up to us to make sure that we have supplies long after we depart this earth. I hope Clipper’s plans succeed – let this be the start of a wind-powered solution to ‘green’ energy sources!