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Wordle fun… April 23, 2010

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An interactive tool I thought I’d have a play with seeing as I haven’t before!

My blog as a Wordle:

Birmingham Recycled as a Wordle:

#ashtag as a Wordle:


Better late than never: a quick update….

To cut a long story short (sorry for the old cliché there) – my general absence here and elsewhere across the social media ‘waves’ over the last few weeks was because I was on work placement at a well-known Black Country radio station. But I will eventually blog about that whole experience – it is on the to-do list.

So I’m back – if not in mind but in general physical presence – and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, especially on the Online Journalism front now we have the Birmingham Recycled Investigates team up and running. I did blog here before the Easter break about what we were up to but here’s a quick note about where I’m at:

  • Birmingham allotments and bees – published initial story about BCC changing their rules (updates to follow once council agrees new terms)
  • Trying to figure out and experiment with interactive tools to help support online work and offer alternatives for presenting data in text form (blog post on this to follow shortly)
  • Initial team idea to experiment with interactive tools such as Wordle, audio slideshows and mapping to represent how the recent airspace closure has impacted on the environment (focusing on Birmingham Airport’s CO2 emissions saved)

That last point is still something we’re working on, but obviously now the ban has passed, we’re conscious that it’s becoming less relevant. Hopefully, we’ll use the data we’ve got so far to do something even if it’s not what we originally wanted (again I will blog about this). So, that’s where I’m at and maybe by the end of the week – I’ll be back to normal…….whatever that is…..


A change is as good as a rest… March 22, 2010

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I hope it is because I sure feel like taking a break right now (before my brain melts away!) Anyway, news on the ol’ Birmingham Recycled front – exit ‘recycling’ editor….enter new investigative journalist complete with Burberry (well maybe Primark) beige mac, Trilby hat and a bundle of FOI requests under arm. Move over Woodward and Bernstein….Birmingham Recycled Investigates is here.

Drama over – this is the new team: Sian Jones, Ben Harrow, Jade Rance, Adam Hartland and Natalie Eccleshall.

We shall be investigating a number of environmental issues relevant to the Midlands and looking at the local impact of national or international stories by digging and digging a bit more and then may be some more….so you can follow our updates on the new blog and keep up to date by following the team on Twitter.

And hopefully we’ll come up trumps with some interesting stuff – well that’s the plan anyway!


New Birmingham Recycled article March 19, 2010

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Nothing ground-breaking – but if you like the idea of robots teaching recycling then have a look…


New Birmingham Recycled article March 15, 2010

You can read my latest article ‘Black Country recycling firm fights back to prove ‘green’ is best’ now – it follows up on my visit to Recycled UK last week and my talk with director Paul Green about the company’s success and all things industrial waste management.