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You know that volcano….you know the one…… April 23, 2010

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Yep, that’s right – the one in Iceland that’s brought misery to thousands of stranded air passengers across Europe and caused UK airspace to close for 6 whole days. Well, the team at BRInvestigates have seen through the misery and thought GREAT! (well we didn’t exactly say that) What are we interested in? The environment. And what does the airspace closure mean for the environment? Less aviation emissions.

So what? Well as the winding path of Online Journalism continues to weave its complex web – we suddenly come face-to-face with another daunting and mind-boggling concept…….INTERACTIVITY….which I will tackle in another post.

So, in our quest to make our online journalism more interactive, we thought about creating some elements which represented data about the emissions saved during the airspace ban in other ways to writing an article. Mapping the flights that would normally have left the UK to Europe and showing the CO2 emissions that have been saved as a result of the ban would be one way of doing that.

Cue the pitiful efforts so far…..


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