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Mapping CO2 emissions saved by UK airspace closure April 23, 2010

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You were warned…..things on the mapping front are taking too long but I am working on it! So what do we have so far?

Cait Weston, Deputy Director of the Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) sent me some details of how their figures were calculated up until Tuesday 20th (5th day):

IATA’s graph (source seems to be from a PowerPoint?) shows downturn-impacted global aviation CO2 at around 610 MtCO2 for 2009.

Europe is around 33% of this = 203.3 / 365 = .557 MtCO2 per day, broad average

Eurocontrol actual flight figures vary on a daily basis but actual flown against expected schedule can be found here:

So 5 (days) x .557 = 2.8 MtCO2 in normal times but only 48% (of normal flight traffic) = 48% less CO2 = 1.3 MtCO2 less than normal

A statement from Jeff Gazzard, of the Aviation Environment Federation said:

“Air transport’s CO2 emissions have fallen around 48% across Europe in the last 6 days, a total reduction that’s greater just by itself than the entire annual emissions of many nations. On a country-by-country ranking these savings alone would slot in between Fiji and Guyana – our addiction to flying is exposed once again. The use of trains, ferries and video conferencing has sky-rocketed as planes have been grounded. Whilst volcanic eruptions are not an everyday occurrence, surely the take away message from the last few days is: wherever you can in future, please try and fly less!”

I have since spoken to Jeff, who says that these figures were a little ‘conservative’ because they were based on the down-turn impacted aviation CO2 for 2009 and that the price of fuel has obviously changed therefore the figures are not entirely accurate. He’s ‘re-calculating’ and said he would send them on…..

The AEF published the article on Tuesday about the cuts in aviation emissions – their figures were quoted by The Times amongst others.

As for UK figures, specifically Birmingham Airport – I’ve contacted the airport who said roughly 1600 flights were grounded over the 6 day period. I asked how this impacted aviation emissions figures but was told it’s something they’d have to look into with their environment department…….so its looking like Monday at the earliest!

I am also chasing the Environmental Transport Association, who’ve published about the situation and the environmental impact it has had. Again, I wait to get a response from them.

So whether the map will become a reality anytime soon is anyone’s knowledge but I’m trying to get some more accurate, local stats to work with before it all becomes irrelevant!

Check back soon…..there may be a map……there may not…..


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