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Response from Birmingham City Council re: bee-keeping March 31, 2010

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Adrian Stagg  – Allotments Finance & Records Officer at Birmingham City Council – responded to my query regarding changes to council’s bee-keeping on allotments policy:

We intend to change the Allotment Rules to accommodate bee keeping but are waiting for approval to the new terms. In the meantime we allow bees subject to the following conditions :

the siting of hives must be agreed with the Association and the Allotment Liaison Officer in advance

anyone keeping bees must have Public Liability insurance and must be a member of the British Beekeepers Association or affiliated society.

I’ve asked him to let me know when the new terms are approved – not sure on the time-scale for this so might run an initial story to talk about changes ‘in the pipeline’.

He also gave me details for Allotment Liaison Officer, Mohammed Riaz – who apparently knows more about specific arrangements for hives so I will be approaching him for further clarification in the next few days.


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