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Actually, bees are allowed in Brum (I think…) March 28, 2010

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It seems that things are already changing on the bee-keeping in Brum front. Having posted yesterday about the comments I got from Lisa Nelder – who’s from Walkers Heath Allotments – I’ve found out some more info courtesy of Dave Harte.

He kindly forwarded a copy of Birmingham City Council Allotment Rules, which clearly state:

These rules are made under Section 28 of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 and apply to all Allotments including any let before these rules came into force. They come into force on the date they are sealed.

7.4           Beehives are not allowed on the Allotment.

He also commented on my previous post:

You can have bee hotels on your allotment. There’s a few on ours. We need bees to pollinate stuff like pumpkins which is why you often see flowers planted on allotment plots. It’s beehives you can’t have which are a different order of things altogether.

So, the first question appears to have been answered but it’s still not that clear if and where you can keep bees. Then I received another email from Lisa saying:

Further to my email, I thought you might like to know that having attended the BDAC AGM today, the subject of bee keeping came up and the subsequent council rule. It now appears that the council have backtracked on this particular rule and bees will once again be allowed on site, with certain restrictions in place. Mainly, the beekeeper will have to be a member of the beekeepers association, who will in turn, ensure the bees are looked after properly, sited correctly on the allotment and appropriate insurance is taken out.

For more clarification may I suggest you speak with Adrian Stagg of Birmingham Council’s Allotments Section.

A U-turn decision by the council? Or something that wasn’t that clear in the first place – bee hotels = yes vs bee hives = no/allotments = no vs gardens = yes?

Anyway, whatever the decision/change of heart/clarity of the issue – I’m hoping to speak to Adrian Stagg sometime this week to see exactly what’s going on and what the situation with bee-keeping is now.

More posts to follow…


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