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Social Media Workshop at BCU March 22, 2010

Today, a handful of us Online Journalism students popped along to the Social Media Workshop held at BCU – in association with new Media Talent Bank organisers Trinket Creative. We could only stay for the first hour because of lectures but managed to listen to Pete Ashton talking about social media, how he uses it, how other people use it and some ‘tips’ on how to use it for your own purposes.

Interesting ideas and thoughts he shared:

  • Numbers are irrelevant – its the quality that matters (re: tweets)
  • Splitting up your identity/having several online identities
  • Live-blogging/video has an authentic feel thats shows you what its actually like at the time
  • Social media as series of corridors
  • Be great at something and make sure people can get to ‘it’
  • ‘Performance conversation’ – find your voice and channel it through performance
  • ‘When everybody’s special, nobody’s special’ – just because you’re on Twitter doesn’t mean people will listen to you
  • ‘To be interesting you need to be interested’
  • ‘Don’t think of social media as a separate thing’ – use it within what you already use/do

His thoughts made me feel confident to go out and experiment with social media and get ‘interested’ in stuff but also made me feel (even more) like ‘a tiny fish in a big pond’ who no-one’s listening to! Oh well, sound advice from someone who actually ‘gets’ social media (well I think so anyway) and proof that it can work for whatever purpose you want it to. Onwards and upwards…


3 Responses to “Social Media Workshop at BCU”

  1. Natalie Adcock Says:

    I’ve seen a few of you mention that social media is like corridors now, can you explain what this means, I’m confused? Thanks!

    • I think what Pete meant by ‘corridors’ was that social media isn’t a ‘thing’, its just a series of corridors that link ‘things’ together (whatever the ‘things’ are!) He was trying to get people to stop seeing socal media in isolation and that it should be used as part of what we’re already doing/interested in and should be used as ‘corridors’ to channel what your interested in to others.

      Well, that’s my interpretation anyway!

  2. Natalie Adcock Says:

    Oh okay, it sounds about right, thanks! 🙂

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