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Ever thought of what to do with all those shoe boxes? March 16, 2010

Filed under: Birmingham Recycled — Kellie Maddox @ 12:17 pm
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Well the guys at Ben Wilson Design did. An article by Trish Green of greenopolis caught my eye and lead me to marvel at the wonderment that is a F1 model car made entirely from Puma shoe boxes – genius!

The article says:

(the boxes) have been strategically and aerodynamically connected together. The design was created to make a statement about recycling, as well as to promote Puma’s awesome relationship with motor sports.

Bad news is if you want to see it in the ‘flesh’ you’ll have to hop across the pond to North State Street, Chicago. Or get creative and make your own shoe box masterpiece (if only I had the time!)

Check out the video to see how it was made and more great photos of the model can be found on the Wilson Brothers blog.


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