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90’s kids: what to do with those marbles… March 16, 2010

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If, like me, you were a 90’s kid – you will fondly remember the many happy hours spent in the playground swapping an array of the latest ‘collectables’; be it pogs, Pokemon cards or even the old-skool marbles.

Fear not – marbles are coming back, just not in the playground-antics kind of way.

Take a look at the latest garden ornament must-have featured at – ground-breaking…I think not. One for the mums…I think so.


One Response to “90’s kids: what to do with those marbles…”

  1. Clare Anne Says:

    Lol thats brilliant! I loved marbles (though my mom hated having to rescuse them from the vacuum cleaner all the time :P)

    It looks pretty but it is a bit useless, I think we should just play with them again! 🙂


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