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This weekend I will be attempting to live-blog… March 13, 2010

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…whilst supporting my other half’s love of cars at Ultimate Dubs – a VW/Audio car show at the Telford International Centre, Shropshire . There’ll be lots of shiny cars and sad men drooling over them! But hey, relationships are all about give and take, I guess (although I’d much rather spend my weekend elsewhere) so I shall don my happy face and nod in agreement at the ‘beauty’ of these four-wheeled masterpieces!

To keep me sane (if that’s possible), I’m hoping to give live-blogging a bash – maybe a few pics and some commentary on my rapidly diminishing mental state – so keep an eye on my Posterous blog and hopefully it will give you a snapshot into the life of a car-fanatic’s long-suffering girlfriend…

Oh, and here’s a couple of small snaps of the lovely vintage car that is the third ‘person’ in our relationship : )


One Response to “This weekend I will be attempting to live-blog…”

  1. culturalnj Says:

    haha! awww you make me laugh Kell! 😀 … your a better woman than i am, my Dad’s been working away in our garage for months and i only just realised a giant orange truck has replaced the pool table we used to have in there! (shows how much attention i pay!) 😀

    However, i couldn’t stick an American car show that my mother gets dragged to so i take my hat off to you! 😀

    Good luck!

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