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M&S launch sweets that have ‘blooming’ potential March 10, 2010

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Saw this article and I think its brilliant! M&S have launched a new line of chocolates for Mother’s Day (first bonus) and the packet can be planted to grow into flowers (even better bonus!) What more could mums want – choccies and flowers! Failproof gift if ever there was one!

According to M&S:

The Milk Chocolate Praline Butterflies come in a paper bag that has been impregnated with candytuft flower seeds and will grow into flowers that are said to attract butterflies.

The paper should be planted between March and May and will flower between June and August, M&S said.

Candytuft flowers, also known as Iberis umbellata Rose Cardinal, bloom in a range of colours from white to red.

Environmentally friendly – check. Panic over for what to get mum – check!


3 Responses to “M&S launch sweets that have ‘blooming’ potential”

  1. Clare Anne Says:

    Sian told me about these, how random!
    Wouldn’t they be pretty expensive though?

  2. culturalnj Says:

    WOW! these sound like a brill idea!!!
    they sound like Clare’s post about the quality street wrappers that you can compost:


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