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Bromsgrove District Council’s ‘chargeable’ green waste collections March 10, 2010

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Having spoken briefly to Anna Wardell last week, she has emailed me this morning with more info on the council’s green waste collection service.

I now have a copy of the Joint Municipal Waste Management strategy:

 This document drafts out the strategic approach to our waste service over Herefordshire & Worcestershire for the coming years showing our targets, policies and principles of waste management.

So. I’ll be having a nosy later to find out more about policies regarding recycling and composting. Anna also gave some comment on why the ‘chargeable’ service is beneficial for Bromsgrove residents and how successful the service has proven so far.

Hopefully, my article for Birmingham Recycled will be finished later today, so those comments will appear in full for you to take a look!


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