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Small update on Bromsgrove and Envirosort March 5, 2010

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After missing a call from Bromsgrove District Council yesterday, I spoke to Anna Wardel this morning. I asked quite a few questions about Bromsgrove’s recycling targets, whether they are being met, the new recycling system using Envirosort, the benefits for residents etc. She said that she’d email me with information and comments, but this would probably not be until Monday.

She did mention:

  • The ‘joint strategy’ for all districts in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, which would provide recycling targets that are agreed for the whole county
  • She vaguely said that Bromsgrove is well over the national targets set for recycling, which apparently are only something like 30% (I will look to clarify)
  • When I asked about the ‘chargeable’ garden waste collection service, she said that it had been running for a few years and something to do with a grant from DEFRA? (hopefully, this will make more sense when I received information next week!)

I asked her if the council could comment on the success of the ‘chargeable’ scheme and whether residents have signed up to the service, when many other districts in the Midlands do not have to pay for green waste to be collected from their homes. Again, I’m hoping to receive comments early next week so fingers crossed!


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