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Update on Envirosort – Worcester’s new recycling facility March 4, 2010

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This morning I spoke to Ian Barber from Severn Waste Services – who run Envirosort – about the new facility and how its being used by councils in Worcester and Herefordshire to improve recycling collection and sorting.

A brief summary of what he said:

Envirosort was set up to provide a unified system for refuse and recycling collection services. Councils in Worcester and Hereford had a ‘mixed bag’ – different ways of sorting recyclables – with separate bags for plastic/cans and paper/card and places like Bromsgrove had a kerbside sorting system. The Joint Waste Resource Management Forum got together to develop one, unified system – where waste is collected from the kerbside and sorted at Envirosort.

The facility has been operating for a couple of years – Worcester City Council was the first to start new system. Before that, we had holding bays for recycled materials that had to be sent out of the county to be sorted. We’ve put our trust in technology to do the sorting.

Asked whether the new system/facility had improved recycling levels and helped to meet targets, Ian said that I would need to speak to Bromsgrove District Council directly to find out their figures. He did say:

It’s early days yet, we have only just finished commissioning trials of the system but we hope to be able to measure our success in the coming months.

I also asked how residents would benefit from the new collection system/sorting facility:

Residents will benefit from the facility because it helps with the lapse in recycling collections. It also helps local councils because commingled collections are more economic.

I’m waiting for a call back from Rachel Kennett at Bromsgrove District Council to talk about the recycling targets and success of the new system and also the new ‘chargeable’ garden waste collection service.



2 Responses to “Update on Envirosort – Worcester’s new recycling facility”

  1. siansophia Says:

    I’ve heard that there has been trouble with recycling services in Stourbridge, maybe another lead for you to look into?

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