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Costa Coffee update March 3, 2010

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Still waiting for response from the press office at Costa Coffee (not too hopeful) – but in the meantime I’ve found that they come under the Whitbread PLC ‘umbrella’ along with Premier Inn, Brewers Fayre and Beefeater. Under their ‘corporate responsibility’ pledges, they say:

We believe doing nothing is not an option.  So we’ve been working on a plan which we’re calling Good Together . It is a demonstration of our Whitbread Way – our values of genuine, confident and committed.  Good Together is big and bold  – covering lots of areas like energy efficiency and reducing waste, sourcing the most sustainable raw materials such as coffee beef and fish, encouraging healthier eating and further developing our charity programmes.

So they’re ‘talking the talk’ it seems. But what has actually been achieved? Cue the Environment Report ( note: 2008/2009):

Costa takeaway cups

Due to the nature of its business and to satisfy customer demand, Costa uses takeaway packaging for various items of food and drink sold in its outlets.

Costa has been working with the UK Paper Cup Recycling Committee to find solutions to improve the environmental impact of their takeaway cups.

A pilot trial at a paper mill demonstrated that it is possible to process the paper cups into a high quality paper fibre that can then be transformed into products such as recycled toilet paper. It is hoped that further trials will be conducted in the future.

Today, all of Costa’s Paper cups are made from sustainable sources and the inner card content has been reduced by 10%. To reduce packaging, Costa no longer uses a sleeve that slides over the outside of the cup. The sleeve has instead been incorporated into the design of the cup, in order to reduce the packaging required. The plastic lids for Costa’s takeaway cups are recyclable.

What’s the progress:  “It is hoped that further trials will be conducted in the future.” Have they been conducted? What was the outcome? A phone call is looking ever more likely…

This also caught my eye in terms of a Birmingham angle:  ‘Kalsoom Begum who’s worked at Premier Inn, Birmingham…..’ (see the rest here) – although this is Premier Inn and not Costa. Might be worth following up.

Further updates to follow….stick with me!


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