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Changes to waste collection and recycling in Worcester March 3, 2010

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Following a little snippet I caught on tonight’s Midlands Today about proposed council job cuts and its impact on services; I found that Bromsgrove District Council have launched changes to waste/recycling collection services:

From April 2010 we will collect recyclable items from a green wheeled bin instead of boxes

From March 2010 We will collect garden waste from a brown wheeled bin (Chargeable service)

Regarding the ‘garden waste’, it appears that they have launched a chargeable service – £30 for residents to sign up to the fortnightly collection – which is something that was not offered before (the website suggested they took garden waste to local household waste recycling centres). Here, I’m interested in whether the council think that people will pay for this service that seems to be ‘free’ in other Midlands areas (we have a garden waste bin that’s collected ‘free of charge’ on alternate weeks with the household waste and recycling).

Secondly, the council is encouraging Bromsgrove residents to use the ‘green wheeled bin’, replaced by the brown bin for recycling, which replaces the existing recycling boxes (long-winded I know!) Anyway, dig dig dig – the council has teamed up with new recycling facility Envirosort, in Worcestershire, to provide additional recycling collection and sorting services.

I have emailed Envirosort to ask:

  • Why Envirosort was set up and what its aims are
  • How successful has the facility been so far/will be in improving current recycling levels/meeting targets
  • Have Envirosort seen an increase in the amount of recycled materials passing through the facility?
  • How will local Worcestershire residents benefit from the new facility and its partnership with local councils?

So hopefully I might get a response tomorrow and I want to speak to Bromsgrove Council re: the ‘£30 garden waste collection service’.


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    Really Good Articles/posts that you have on this site. Thanks

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