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Stories for this week: Birmingham Recycled March 2, 2010

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Good work by Birmingham Recycled‘s ‘recycling’ team last week (see our lovely articles on the website) looks set to continue with another flourish of fabulous ideas! Here’s what we’re working on this week:

  • Costa coffee – mentioned in my earlier post, hoping to chase this one and get some answers re: their policies and progress with recyclable cups
  • Birmingham City Council recycling targets – no updates since 2005/6 on their Waste Management Strategy – are they meeting targets?
  • Council recycling schemes – Sandwell Council facing job cuts, will this impact recycling efforts? (Liam’s on the case!)
  • M&S quest to become ‘most sustainable retailer by 2015’ (in the very capable hands of Ben – if he concludes his Brumcan/can’t saga!)

If there’s anything else you think we should be covering this week (events, conferences, exhibitions etc) – please let me know!


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