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Recycling and blogging in the same sentence = winner February 26, 2010

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When we think of recycling, we see those little blue boxes full of plastic bottles, cans and papers sitting on the curbside for the council to collect. So, as a fledgling social media student and amateur navigator of the online world; the lightbulb in my head flashed when the words ‘recycle’ and ‘blog’ appeared in the same sentence (hoorah!) 

I spotted this article on recycling your blog traffic and not only does it interest me for my own blogging purposes but it conveniently falls into my Birmingham Recycled area of recycling. Result. In summary, the article talks about recycling traffic: 

Recycling traffic simply means that you are redirecting or sending your existing website traffic back to your blog again and again through newsletters, email marketing or RSS feed subscriptions. 

It then goes on to give a few tips on how to go about recycling blog traffic such as: 

  • Continuously building your mailing list by offering good valuable information in the form of a free report or newsletter
  • Break up your blog post into a series of shorter blogs to keep users  in suspense and yearn for more of such great information
  • Get users to sign up to your blog’s RSS feed to keep up-to-date with latest posts

I think this is really useful for new bloggers or businesses trying to optimise their online reach through blogging tools. I’m sure there are lots more tips out there to help maximise traffic to your website or blog. I’m curious to find out more on how bloggers and those who have websites for less commercial reasons could recycle traffic – as they don’t necessarily have a ‘customer’ base in the financial sense. Anyone have any other ideas?


2 Responses to “Recycling and blogging in the same sentence = winner”

  1. Offering a newsletter option to readers is one of the most important things you can offer on a site.

    RSS is still a long way off being understood by the majority of people, but adding an email address to a form field is easy for people.

    I worry that the majority of hyperlocal sites I see don’t have a newsletter option.

    I’ve written in the past about the value of a newsletter:

    Any questions just shout.

    • Thanks for your comments Craig – I think your ideas about newsletters are interesting. I suppose, because we’re now in an online environment, you forget the more ‘traditional’ ways of communicating with users. From your article:

      all I do is list the stories from my site over the past week, have a short line explaining the piece and a link directly through to the page on This French Life.

      Sticking to a simple template it takes me about five minutes to prepare and around 10 minutes for the newsletter service I use to send them out to subscribers.

      It seems a quick and easy addition that would reward loyal users. I think, as you say, some people can’t get to grips with RSS so a newsletter is a great idea to keep them coming back to the site. I’ll be looking into the options Feedburner offers, so thanks for the pointer.

      I’m sure I’ll have lots more questions the more I think about it so I’ll put them to you when I do! Thanks

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