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Recycled plastic homes – is this the future? February 26, 2010

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BBC Swansea published a story this week about sustainable housing manufacturer Affresol developing a technology to build low-carbon houses from recycled plastic. There’s also an interesting video showing you around one of the houses, which has panels made from chopped up TV sets and Thermo Poly Rock (the structural material made from recycled plastics and minerals).

TPR is thought to:

  • Be 7 times the strength of breeze blocks
  • Be a substantial material
  • Be waterproof
  • Won’t rot
  • Recycles materials that otherwise would end up in landfill

So, the all important question about any new house – how much does it cost? Well, to build them costs £40,000 so even with an added profit-margin, they still look to market lower than the average ‘brick’ house (and you’d have the extra satisfaction of the ‘green’ label).

The article mentions:

This week domestic heating and water system company Worcester Bosch ordered the first modular building from Affresol for its Worcestershire plant.

Worcester Bosch said supplying Affresol with plastic from recycled boilers would enable it to achieve a zero waste policy.

I’m looking to speak to Worcester Bosch about their plans to work with Affresol to minimise waste from recycled boilers and hope to post my findings soon.


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