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Primark – trading ethically but what about recycling? February 26, 2010

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Today, @jaderance tweeted:

primark eco fail! 2 bags for 2 items.. OH THANKS. is there a recycling story here? #onlinejournalism

My thoughts: yes, there could well be a recycling story here. So, first stop Primark website to find out their policies on bags:

Packaging Waste Regulations

Packaging Waste Regulations are designed to reduce the amount of packaging that goes into landfill. The Packaging Waste Regulations work on the principle of Shared Producer Responsibility – encouraging producers to take responsibility for their environmental impact. The Regulations require obligated producers to pay a proportion of the cost of the recovery and recycling of their packaging. The level of  obligation depends on the stage of the chain at which the packaging is brought into the country.

Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Primark participates in a scheme operated by Valpak which ensures the company’s full compliance with the obligations of the UK Waste Management Packaging Regulations to recover packaging waste.

Republic of Ireland. Penneys, the name under which Primark operates in Ireland, participates in a similar scheme operated by Repak. This ensures the company’s full compliance with the obligations of the Republic of Ireland Waste Management Packaging Regulations. Repak is an approved body for the recovery of packaging waste and assumes responsibility to fund the recovery/recycling of packaging on Penneys’ behalf. 

Carrier bags

We are progressively replacing plastic carrier bags with paper bags, thus reducing further our impact on the environment.

Ok, so Primark’s swapping plastic bags for paper bags (a few years too late?) but there’s nothing to say if they limit the number of bags given to customers or ask whether they really need a bag for one item.

Next steps: check out Packaging Waste Regulations and Valpak then take the issue to Primark themselves.

Anyone else have bag issues with Primark or any other store?


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