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Stories in the pipeline February 23, 2010

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My recycling research today has surfaced several potential leads for Birmingham Recycled in the coming days/weeks. I shall be working on all or some of the following to see whether anything strikes me as a good story:

Roots and Shoots: Mission Possible is… 

An Education Programme for young people. It inspires practical positive action for people, animals and the environment by developing an understanding of how important a healthy planet is to human survival.

It seems that quite a few Birmingham/Midlands schools are part of the scheme, which is also part of the Eco Schools project, so I’m looking to follow-up on what local schools have been doing. It’s not really ‘recycling’ territory specifically but I want to have a dig anyway!

battery recycling initiative started at the beginning of February – where stores selling more than one pack of batteries per day will have to accept old batteries for recycling. I was thinking of following this up with local shops and supermarkets to see how successful the in-store collections are and whether the public use them/know about them/still throw batteries in the waste bin.

Compost bins – spurred on by the comments of @karldstevens:

@kelliem24 wonders whether the council should charge for compost bins if it reduces the waste they have to collect?

@karldstevens: Don’t be silly. B’ham City Council are run by the Conservatives. Anything they don’t have to pay for they wont.

@kelliem24: good point, you’d think to encourage more people to #compost they’d give them a free bin!

@karldstevens: I saw recycling teams drive past a street of recycling last week en route to uni. Road seemed too narrow for them to be bothered.

@kelliem24: i asked earlier whether anyone has had problems like that – looks like I’ll be challenging the council quite soon!

@karldstevens: Well the recycling boxes worked – they were free, people used them. Maybe compost bins will work the same. Pilot first ofc

I’m interested to find out about Birmingham City Council’s approach to recycling waste by composting. It seems you can buy a bin from them, but surely if they’re trying to encourage composting they should be giving residents bins for free? As Karl pointed out, it worked with the recycling bins so maybe it will work for composting? I’m looking to challenge the council about it…..soon!


3 Responses to “Stories in the pipeline”

  1. Dave Harte Says:

    Re: composting. The question to ask is how far the council has gone to achieve its landfill reduction targets under the Landfill Directive – i.e. does it need to introduce free composting or have current recycling measures already achieved targets.

    There’s a statement on home composting in the council’s strategy on waste (see page 18)

    I actually find that I don’t have that much organic material coming out of my kitchen to compost (the green garden stuff is already collected by the council). In volume terms it’s certainly way less than paper or glass/cans. Having said that it is better off being used to help stuff grow than in landfill. And you don’t need a big plastic composter to compost. Mine is built from old wooden pallets.

    • Thanks for the link Dave. It’s something I need to dig a bit deeper with I think – as you say, is there a great need for people to compost? And if the council has achieved targets then they’d probably not consider it anyway. Worth asking the questions though.

      Maybe a different approach is needed to encourage people to see the benefits of composting – the council obviously think there’s some ‘green’ benefit if they sell composters through their website.

      Think the Landfill Directive is a good starting point, thanks pointing it out!

      Anyone else have any thoughts?

  2. Dave Harte Says:

    A bit more on the targets for the Landfill directive and some composting contacts:

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