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Birmingham Recycled – what are we talking about? February 23, 2010

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Having battled through the maze of RSS feeds, Twitter, Delicious, WordPress and all manner of other exciting online ‘tools’, the Online Journalism group is finally ready to start writing for Birmingham Recycled.

I’ve now been given the role as editor of the recycling section of the site, along with Jess Dutton and our ‘reycling’ team: Ben Harrow, Chris Smith, Liam Richardson, Rachel Giaramita and Jasmine Hachani is raring to go (well, maybe that’s a little optimistic!)

Stories the team are working on this week include:

  • Clothes recycling – Northfield Eco Centre Clothes Swap (Thurs 25th) and SOS Wardrobe Exchange (Wed 3rd)
  • Recycling/eco news feeds – why aren’t newspaper RSS feeds kept up-to-date? (See Ben’s blog post)
  • Council’s lack of response to recycling bin requests (See Chris’ blog post)
  • Costa coffee – do they use paper cups as default instead of washing up ceramic ones?
  • Moseley Swap Shop (Sat 27th)
  • Local Authority Recycling Advisory committee spring campaign (See Liam’s blog post)

I’m hoping to go along to the Northfields Eco Centre on Thursday and will be talking to Style Our Souls Director Emma Wellings next Wednesday about their ‘green’ alternative to shopping – the Wardrobe Exchange.

We’re keen to work with any Birmingham/Midlands based groups/businesses with a ‘green’ outlook and will be monitoring all things recycling in the coming months. If anyone has any ideas, thoughts or upcoming events you think our Birmingham Recycled users would be interested in, please let us know.


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