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Update…on networking February 19, 2010

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So, contacted @peteashton and he directed me to his blog ASH-10, which he uses to talk about all things online communication-wise and anything that interests him and other social media users.

One thing he’s been involved in recently are the discussions about the BBC ‘s local online news platforms:

Meeting with the BBC’s Head of English Regions at the Mailbox to discuss how they could, or should, engage their local online output with the local online community, which led to figuring out what “local online community” means and so on.

Pete says on his blog:

It was an interesting discussion and while I have serious reservations about how a monolithic macro broadcast-focussed institution can embrace the micro, it was good to see them thinking about this in a serious and open way.

I asked him what his thoughts were about the topic and what ideas he had suggested/contributed at the meeting. He replied via Twitter:

 why don’t you put your thoughts out there on your own blog. There ain’t no experts in this game so get involved.

And so I’m going to do exactly that – I’ll be posting my thoughts/ideas/questions about the BBC’s online local community discussions and please add your thoughts too.


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