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Thoughts on recycling February 17, 2010

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So, as newly appointed journalist for Birmingham Recycled, I should get into gear and actually start digging up some mildly interesting – if not informative at least – news, views, events and general environmental shenanigans. Here goes…

I’ll be focusing on recycling – initiatives, new ideas, issues and debates in Birmingham – and hopefully I’ll learn lots about this very important ‘we-should-all-take-responsibility-for’ social issue. My aim for the project is to delve beyond the norm – we all know how, where and why we should recycle plastic, paper and metal (I assume anyway) – therefore I hope to address the ‘unknown recyclables’ and move away from the ‘you should recycle’ lectures.

So, my first port of call is going to be clothes recycling or ‘swishing’ as the in-crowd call it. I shall be attending the SOS Wardrobe Exchange event in Birmingham next month and will bring you the inside low-down on this fabulous eco-friendly answer to trawling the high-street. I may even be tempted to give swishing a go for myself (my wardrobe breathes a heavy sigh!).


3 Responses to “Thoughts on recycling”

  1. culturalnj Says:

    I’ve heard of this ‘swishing’ lark too! I think it originated in America where young women would meet and swap clothes that they had grown out of or got bored of.

    Though to be honest, i think we’d all be so indecisive we’d want all our clothes back afterwards!

    *Natalie Jane*

  2. Natalie Adcock Says:

    Hmm, do we all know why we should recycle?? Check out:

    Good idea that we’re not here to lecture people, but investigating ‘unknown recyclables’ might be an interesting first step.

    I look forward to the ‘swishing’ coverage!

    • Thanks Natalie! Yeah I read your article – interesting results. May be we should look into how to better inform people about recycling and uncover why people just don’t bother. Good lead to follow up I think.


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